The Coffee Machine We Use to Make the Best Italian Coffee

There is nothing as disgusting as taking ill-prepared espresso. At its best however, you could take more than two cups of espresso and still want some more. And if you get espresso from a real expert, you will probably want to spend the whole day enjoying the drink. Most Italians could also make good espresso for you. However, you can also learn how to prepare the drink at your home. In my home, we have been avid drinkers of espresso for long. I have only been to Italy once, but I have studied and learnt from experts how to make their coffee. Below, I have discussed how to make Italian coffee with the machine we use at home: Sage by Heston Blumenthal

Before we bought the Heston Blumenthal machine, we had a MelittaCaffeo Barista coffee maker. The machine was actually great and reliable at bean-to-cup coffee making. It was manual like the Sage model and you could make lattes within minutes. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the advanced customization features we get from the Sage coffee machine. And to give you a clearer picture, here are the main features we find useful from the machine.

What to Look for in the Best Coffee Machine

What to Look for in the Best Coffee Machine

  • Flexibility

    The Sage machine comes with a dual boiler. But despite this, it makes the best milk based drinks I have tasted. The quality of its espresso and latte for instance are exemplary, especially if you know how to make the drinks the Italian way. On the other hand, the 2.5 liter machine is light. Again, it measures 40.5*37.8*37.7cm to save a lot of your kitchen space.

  • Quality

    With my many years of experience with coffee machines, I can differentiate a high quality maker with a poor quality by a few seconds’ glances. The sage model screams high quality straight from its full metal body construction. Its compact, square shaped design with a stainless steel front also indicates the good quality the coffee maker represents. Fortunately, you also get a good looking espresso when you buy the Sage model. It is stunning in every aspect, and I have always tried to make it retain that state for the eleven months it has been in my kitchen.

  • Efficient

    Efficiency at making espresso is one reason I feel the Sage machine is the best coffee maker you could possibly buy. With its two boilers, I get to prepare espresso fast and with a delicious taste. This is certainly because the machine ensures you don’t lose heat as you prepare the espresso. In the end, you get the best tasting drink in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, the coffee maker has a tap controlled steam wand, plus it can make hot water on demand to help you make huge amounts of coffee faster than other machines.

  • Multiple Accessories

    If your family members have different tastes when it comes to coffee, you can feed them properly with the Sage machine. It comes with several important features such as the four-58mm filter baskets that you could use on both single and double shot espresso. The filters also come in either single or dual wall varieties to suit your specific needs. The double wall filters are however better for me as an espresso maker. With ground coffee, these filters even out pressure flow to help achieve a sublime tasting espresso. Other accessories I enjoy with the Sage are its jug which I use for frothing. In addition, I also love the tamper which fits accordingly inside the filters. The machine also comes with a razor shaped metal sheet that helps level the coffee grounds already placed in the filter.

How I make my Espresso

As I had earlier mentioned, the Sage is a quiet, customizable coffee maker. Before making “Italy standards” espresso, it helps you check your water’s hardness. It comes with a water strip for this purpose, after which you can set it appropriately. Actually, expect to put in some extra effort with manual machines, but in the end they have great results. With the Sage for instance you have to insert a water filter into the reservoir before adding water for instance. Finally, you also have to flush some water out just to confirm it is fit.

Other than those steps, I find every other step in my espresso making process to be similar with other machines. It takes about two minutes for instance to heat up, although you have the option to set it on the auto wake mode. If you are new to making espresso, it is worth noting that it takes some extra efforts to make unique and better tasting espresso than what you get from restaurants. The types of coffee grounds you use, the water and heating temperatures all tend to influence the quality and flavor of your espresso.