Choosing the Right Faucet for the Bar

As a bar owner, you probably want the best for your customers. That means that even the faucet your employees use has to be the best. The seats and tables have to be great as well. However, not all items in the bar are easy to purchase. Buying a faucet for instance can be challenging bearing in mind that you have to choose between the typical kitchen faucet and the bathroom faucet the manufacturers mainly stock. But what do you purchase? Read our guide below. You could also compare the best kitchen faucets on the market by checking out the site faucetsrated.com. They got reviews and guides on how to choose the right faucet for your needs.

What to Look for in the Right Faucet for the Bar

  • how to choose the right faucetSingle versus Double Handle Faucets

    Single handle faucets are pretty much more common these days. They give the faucet a cool modern look while they are also easier to use. Their handles are often located somewhere on the faucet or sometimes beside it. On the other hand, double handle faucets make controlling water temperatures and water flow adjustments easy. They also look classic; if that is your style. Ideally, the number of handles doesn’t matter that much, as it basically depends on your personal style.

  • Arc heights

    Here is a feature you should be keen to consider. The market is full of either high arc or low arc faucets. But they adequately cater for the type of person you are. If you are tall and have your bar sink at level slightly higher than your waist, then a low arc faucet might work just fine. A low arc faucet also works fine when you don’t want your view for the restaurant or anything else gets restricted by a high arc tool. The high arc tools on the other hand work greatly where you have large glasses or vessels to clean. They also work well with both short and tall people.

  • The Sprayer

    Well, the sprayer doesn’t have much use in most bars, but it is important too. A good sprayer helps you rinse the sink properly, plus it makes cleaning curved glasses feel easier. So, how do you choose the spray type? A pull down sprayer works better where you have a big high arc faucet. You can always pull it down and use it for whatever purposes you have in mind. A pull out sprayer on the other hand helps you fill large vessels placed beside the sink easier.

  • Number of Holes in the Sink

    Does the bar’s sink come with a single hole? Are there two or three holes? Note that number and use it to guide you while buying the bar’s faucet. As we had earlier noted, most faucets in the market today come with single handles. These faucets also ask for a sink with a single hole. Two hole sinks on the other hand work well with double handle faucets that have a soap dispenser or a separate handle. Three hole faucets and four whole sinks mainly work with traditional style faucets. Such faucets have separate handles. But for the modern bar, a single or double hole sink is just fine.

  • The Mounting area

    The mounting surface depends on the place you wish to install your faucet at. You may also be guided by the number of holes in the sink, your preference as well. A deck plate faucet for instance sits underneath the faucet and works best where you are replacing a double handle tool with a single handle faucet. It enables you to install the new faucet without adding extra holes for a soap dispenser for instance. Other faucets simply don’t come with any mounting surface. The handles, the faucet and the soap dispenser are all connected directly to the sink’s holes. They make replacing new parts easy, plus they work greatly with bars.

  • Design and Finishes

    If you want the best for your customers, also buy the best for your employees. A good looking faucet will complement the interior décor and add elegance as well. You can choose from up to 20 different styles available in the market, but make sure you go for a unique style. The construction should however be durable. Settle for a brass made faucet, as it doesn’t corrode nor attract dust. On the exterior, a stainless steel finish offers the best looks and ease of maintenance.

  • Costs

    When buying a faucet, its value should be of more importance to you. However, you must also consider your budget. Faucets come in a very wide price range, with some costing less than $50 and others on the upwards of $2000. The main goal however is to ensure you get a tool that can serve the intended purposes but still be able to afford it. Most faucets priced under $350 for instance can serve all the needs you have. You can also find a luxury style bar for about $500, and live to cherish its looks and modern convenient features.