Choosing an Air Purifier for a Restaurant

People love a restaurant with great food, but they enjoy the dining experience more. Most families actually love to create memories in cool restaurants where they can dine and wine without getting affected by excessive heat, kitchen fumes or dust. That means you need a great air purifier and a great air conditioner. In the next few minutes we shall guide you on buying an air purifier for the restaurant, and hope you also gets tips for buying other equipment as well. To see air purifier reviews to also help you with making the right purchasing decision, read the article with a comparison of best products on  forhealthyair.com.

  • Tip 1: Buy New

    Buying all equipment a restaurant needs to run effectively can be financially challenging. Despite this; never settle for an old machine. You could buy a few second-hand tools if you want, but not machines prone to generating ozone or ions like some air purifiers. The best performing air purifiers will reduce efficiency with time; and you certainly don’t want to end up with a purifier that can’t purify anything. Instead, save money and research on the best performing new air purifiers.

  • Tip 2: Look for Value, not Cost

    These days, it is difficult to know an air purifier’s value by checking its price. Instead, check for the specs and see what benefits it has that other machines lack. Don’t also go out shopping for a restaurant air purifier while on a tight budget. You will be tempted by the many cheap machines that probably can’t perform efficiently at your restaurant. With this in mind, check for such features as the CADR rating, the air purification technology and reputation among other customers.

  • Tip 3: Must have HEPA Filters

    There are a few features an ideal restaurant air purifier should have, but HEPA filters are the most important. With restaurants especially, a HEPA filter run machine is able to trap dust mites, dirt and particles that could spoil the dining experience of your customers. Don’t settle for any HEPA however. Go for true HEPA purifiers that also have carbon and pre-filters to eliminate chemicals and odors. In the end, you want a purifier that can eliminate virtually 100% of unwanted air contaminants without leaving any side effects behind. And that’s why ion releasing purifiers are a no for someone like you.

  • Tip 4: Should be good at odor removal

    choosing an air purifierAdmittedly, there are few good air purifiers that can eliminate odors and cooking smells from the air. And unfortunately, smells from spilt milk, burnt food or cleaning solutions are what dread customers most. However, you could still find an ideal air purifier that will eliminate these smells. The best purifiers in this area come with activated carbon filters and have high ratings in numerous reviews. Besides that, ensure the purifier measures up with the size of our restaurant. All purifiers are designed to purify certain sized rooms. With this in mind, buy the best purifier for your restaurant.

  • Tip 5: Consider the Operating Costs

    Air purifiers ask for a considerable amount of money on operating costs. On average, a great performing HEPA run purifier will cost an average of $350 every year for changing the filters and for electricity consumption. However, different air purifiers also have additional filters that ask for more in maintenance. A machine with a pre-filter, a carbon filter and a HEPA filter for instance will cost more in operating cost than a smaller sized machine. A whole house air purifier is also more likely to ask for more; but depending on the usage as well.

  • Tip 6: Buy a Quiet Purifier

    Noise level is important with any machine. With work places actually, noise level is even more important. Imagine the noise that comes from customers as they eat, the waiters talking to the chefs. Add now the noise produced by a noisy air purifier. It is definitely not healthy. A quiet purifier on the other hand gives everyone in the restaurant a peace of mind. Note however that air purifiers have to make some noise for them to work efficiently. As such, pick a more powerful machine and run it on the quiet fan speed to give everyone peace in the restaurant.

  • Tip 7: Check for Convenience Features

    Modern air purifiers come with multiple features that could make your experience with the machine enjoyable. For instance, check for a servicing indicator. It helps you know when the purifier is jammed up for you to unclog it. In addition, check for a programmable timer. This feature lets you have control over the purifier’s operation. It helps you switch the purifier on even before you start working or switch it with ease. Other features like a programmable panel to help manage the fan speeds, remote control and automatic adjusting features are very important to look out for.

In the end, ensure the purifier looks durable and that its manufacturer has the will to send technical support whenever it develops a problem.